Winnipeg, MB, August 19, 2017 – The North American Premier Basketball League (NAPB) kicked off its Combine season last Saturday, August 19th in Winnipeg, MB. This marked the first of 15 combines over the course of the next three months prior to the NAPB’s inaugural season starting January 1. All teams will receive information about players from each combine.

The Winnipeg combine took place at Investor’s Group Athletic Center on the University of Manitoba campus. NAPB President Dave Magley hosted and is responsible for ranking all players on the A-B-C pay scale for teams to review come drafting.

Said Magley of the event, “It was a fiercely competitive day with with contracts earned by two young men, and another eight players are worthy of a second look by ball clubs.”

Higher numbers of players are expected at combines taking place across the United States in the coming months. Magley called the combine “a worthwhile day” and “a great first event.”

Confirmed NAPB teams include the Rochester RazorSharks (formerly of the Premier Basketball League) and an unnamed team in Seattle. The organization expects to have about 8 teams for its first season, with multiple cities in final contract discussions.

The next combine takes place in South Bend, IN from 12-5 this Saturday, August 26th. For a full list of NAPB Combine locations and to register, click here or like us on Facebook below.