The North American Premier Basketball league invites all media and potential fans to:


The Rising Star Sports Ranch Resort

Mesquite NV

Tuesday the 31st of October at 11:30 AM


Mesquite is the 8th market to join the NAPB.  Other markets include:

  • Rochester NY
  • Albany NY
  • Akron OH
  • Owensboro KY
  • Kansas City MO
  • Yakima WA
  • Vancouver BC


The NAPB is a brand new league founded by the former Commissioner of the NBL of Canada & Cavs’ Player David Magley & the owner of the PBL, Dr Sev Hrywnak.  The league is designed to support local markets that would otherwise not have the opportunity to watch live “pro ball”.


The league’s emphasis on “community”, will have its players active in the school systems delivering messages about self worth, anti-bullying, dangers of drugs and alcohol and value of education.  Additionaly, this unique organization will host multiple school day games for Jr High students that will specifically focus on self worth and anti-bullying.


It is “professional”:

  • All team owners have financial strength to own a team
  • All venues will be over 2,000 seats
  • All players will be a paid as professionals
  • All teams will wear the same brand of professional uniforms
  • All teams will broadcast every game either on live streaming or television


For more information contact David Magley at 941.685.5965