Today at 11:00am EST, President Dave Magley was at the Paul Brown Tiger Stadium in Akron, OH to announce the 7th team that will be joining the North American Premier League: The Ohio Cardinals.

The Ohio Cardinals will be lead by Mike Porrini, a Massillon Washington High School graduate who attained “All State” honors prior to starting for Kent State University in ’11-’12 and playing professionally for (4) years.

President Magley, having played for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the start of his professional career, expressed his excitement in bringing a team to the Akron area. “I believe that Akron is a great market for basketball given that one of the best players in the world (LeBron James) originated from these parts. With that being said, our goal is to not only bring entertainment, but also to be a presence in the community of Akron. Our players will be very active within the school districts. Going in and talking with kids about topics like education, drugs, bullying, and other pressing issues. We want to be a part of this community and in-turn we hope that will make the community feel apart of the team.”

The NAPB will be hosting a combine in Youngstown, OH in hopes of acquiring local talent to join the new team. The first official NAPB season starts January 1, 2018.

To register for the Youngstown, OH or any other NAPB combine, please follow the link: