Yakima, WA, September 30, 2017 Two days after the announcement of a new team in Kansas City, MO, President Dave Magley traveled to Yakima, WA to again announce the newest team joining the North American Premier Basketball League: The Yakima Sunkings. Yakima is the 2nd team to join the NAPB in the state of Washington (first of which being the unnamed Seattle Team). The NAPB now has six teams that will be ready to play in January for the 2018 Season.


The NAPB will be hosting a combine in Seattle, tomorrow Saturday, September 30th. The combine will be held at Renton Community Center and will began at 12:00pm. To register for this or any other combine go to: https://thepbl.wufoo.com/forms/s1ddoub41jevdqk/